Yulia Brodskaya: Celebrates Courage of Refugees in a Fiery Masterpiece


As the war in Ukraine continues, many refugees have had to flee their home country and find safety elsewhere. Bogdan Rohulskyi was one such person, who escaped the conflict by arriving in England. There, he made an unexpected friendship-which blossomed into a creative collaboration-with paper quilling artist Yulia Brodskaya.

It turned out that Rohulskyi was a trained videographer, a skill that Brodskaya had been interested in for a long time as a way to showcase some of the three-dimensionality of her art in a new way. As their partnership took flight, Brodskaya also embarked on a new paper quilling artwork, entitled Phoenix. Made with yellow, orange, and red strips of paper that she arranges against a dark background, it depicts a portrait of a young woman merged with the body of a fire-breathing phoenix bird.