New Exhibition of Takashi Murakami Works


Working across fine art, fashion, animation, and more, Takashi Murakami known as the "Warhol of Japan" is recognized for his vibrant imagery and iconic characters, including the smiling flower and Mr. DOB. Now, Murakami's genius has come to The Broad, a contemporary art museum in Los Angeles, in a show called Takashi Murakami: Stepping on the Tail of a Rainbow. It's his first solo exhibition at the institution. 

The show features 18 works spanning Murakami's career, sourced from the Broad collection and beyond. There are sculptures, paintings, wallpaper, and immersive installations. Fans of the artist's oeuvre will recognize his visual language and see how it grows and changes throughout the years-while managing to be one distinct voice.

Augmented reality supplements the exhibition. By using Instagram while visitors view the work (in his exhibition and the Broad at large), Murakami's digital characters will appear in their view and mix reality with a digital world.

Takashi Murakami: Stepping on the Tail of a Rainbow is on view until September 25, 2022.