Job Opportunities (6.12.2021)


Keeper of Science and Technology

National Museums now seeks exceptional candidates for the role of Keeper of Science & Technology. This department's collection of some 100,000 scientific, technical and medical artefacts range from medieval astrolabes to genome sequencers; from giant stationary steam engines to prototype wind turbines; from the Wright Brothers' engine to Concorde.

Reporting to the Director of Collections, the successful candidate will lead a team of ten expert curators as well as associated researchers, students and volunteers. They will manage the development, organisation, preservation and access to the collections in support of the overall organisational strategy, and be expected to contribute at a senior level in the development and delivery of NMS's policy and strategy. The new Keeper will oversee the research, collecting and engagement objectives of the department, especially in pursuit of new understandings of Scotland's material and natural heritage, and developing the collections and public profile relating to climate change. They will also support the major collaborative projects that the department has recently set out upon and help deliver our vision for the National Museums Collections Centre.


The Baltimore Museum of Art seeks a full-time Associate Curator/Curator and Department Head of European Painting & Sculpture to work with a small curatorial staff to re-conceptualize the Museum's European Wing, with a particular emphasis on diversity and inclusion as centrally important to the narrative of European art. The successful candidate will be an out-of-the-box thinker willing to challenge convention and broaden the scope of what European art can mean for audiences in the 21st century.

Curatorial Fellow

The IVDM seeks a 6-month curatorial fellow who will steward and celebrate its archaeological collections, sharing their passion and expertise with the local communities that the institution serves. This fellow will be responsible for assisting with the curation of collections and archives associated with early archaeological studies in Imperial County, California, for creating and piloting innovative programs using these collections, and assisting with an ongoing research and access program in alignment with the undergraduate and work-study programs of nearby colleges. The ideal candidate will have M.A. in anthropology, archaeology, museum studies, or related field and have a deep interest in cultural preservation of indigenous artifacts, and a working knowledge of PastPerfect. Graduates with a B.A. or B.S. in a relevant field and equivalent experience are encouraged to apply.

Visitor Services Assistant / Warden

With friendly professionalism and the ability to communicate well with all kinds of people, you'll excel in Visitor Services.
You're an outstanding team player who is able to work effectively even when things get busy and remain calm under pressure.
You'll also be able to think on your feet, a key skill, considering you'll never know what the next question may be.
And, above all, you know what it takes to create the kind of customer experience that leaves the lasting and positive impression.
This is your opportunity to use your personality and customer service skills to deliver the exceptional.

 External Affairs Director

Dayton Art Institute External Affairs Director is a senior leadership position that develops strategies around public relations, media relations, marketing, special events, fundraising events, wedding and event rentals, and museum store operations for the museum; and leads the short and long-term planning, as well as driving integration and alignment, among all earned revenue-generated areas.
Challenges and Opportunities: This position is challenged by the diversity of responsibilities. The External Affairs Director is required to manage multiple operational functions, in a rapidly evolving institution.