Job Opportunities (29.08.2018)


Collections Assistant, Dorset County Museum

Dorset County Museum is one of the key members of the WMP and is at a pivotal moment in its 170 year history, having also secured a major grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). It is, therefore, embarking on a £15.4 million capital expansion project to construct the innovative, visitor-focused 'Tomorrow's Museum for Dorset'. This will completely reimagine the Museum - its galleries, exhibitions, storage facilities, working spaces and retail offer - to produce an organisation able to better conserve and interpret Dorset's internationally significant heritage and be ready to meet the expectations of modern visitors.

As a result of support from the WMP and HLF, Dorset County Museum is looking to recruit two new full-time Collections Assistants. Employed in its new Collections and Public Engagement Division, this will be an exciting time for the right candidate to help shape this new department, document and secure the future for this significant collection and make it accessible to new audiences.

Project Curator: John Christian Post 1800 Graphic Collection
Prints and Drawings, British Museum

The British Museum is looking to recruit a Project Curator to register and catalogue approximately 500 drawings and 400 prints from John Christian's collection, an anonymous loan, currently on deposit in the British Museum. The cataloguing will be onto a database and will require research into provenance and the artists' oeuvres in order to write full catalogue entries with curatorial comment. 

Conservation Manager, Paper and Photographs, Tate

Museum Specialist, Smithsonian Institution 

The purpose of this position is to provide support to the Collections Management section of the Office of Collections Management (OCM), Smithsonian's NMAAHC. Work assignments may require duty location at the Smithsonian's Pennsy Collections and Support Center in Landover, MD. Duties and responsibilities include performing a variety of tasks related to the preservation and storage needs of a specific collection, including:

  • safe object handling;
  • conservation and preservation activities;
  • managing intellectual control of museum collections using databases; and
  • object storage housing, design, and fabrication.

The focus of the position is to support the object movement, condition survey (with images), dust removal, housing, labelling, inventory and placement of large object and furniture collections; and survey and rehousing of 2-D collections primarily made of paper and photographic media. After completion of this portion of the project, the position will support the move, condition survey, rehouse, label and inventory objects, archives, costume and textiles.

Πρόσφατες δημοσιεύσεις 

Τα νέα της εβδομάδας

Το Πολιτιστικό Ίδρυμα Ομίλου Πειραιώς (ΠΙΟΠ) συμμετέχει στο τριήμερο Φεστιβάλ Πέτρας 2019 του Πνευματικού Κέντρου Πανόρμου του Δήμου Τήνου (27-29/7), οργανώνοντας επιστημονική εσπερίδα για την τέχνη της ξερολιθιάς, το Σάββατο 27 Ιουλίου (ώρα 19:30), στο Μουσείο Μαρμαροτεχνίας του Ιδρύματος, στον Πύργο της Τήνου.
Η εκδήλωση θα αρχίσει με προαιρετική...

Το Πολιτιστικό Ίδρυμα Ομίλου Πειραιώς (ΠΙΟΠ) και ο Δήμος Γορτυνίας συνδιοργανώνουν την Κυριακή 21 Ιουλίου (ώρα 21:00) τη χορευτική παράσταση της Λαογραφικής Εστίας Τρίπολης «αισθήσεις 5+» στο Κεφαλάρι Αϊ-Γιάννη, πλησίον του Υπαίθριου Μουσείου Υδροκίνησης, στη Δημητσάνα.Η παράσταση πραγματεύεται τον τρόπο που οι ανθρώπινες αισθήσεις κινητοποιούνται...

Η Ιστορική και Εθνολογική Εταιρεία Ελλάδος σε συνεργασία με τα Εργαστήρια Τέχνης και Λόγου της Κοινωφελούς Επιχείρησης του Δήμου Ύδρας διοργανώνει την εκδήλωση "Κωδικός: Προικοσύμφωνο. Μια χειρονομία γύρω από τη δια βίου ένωση".