Exhibition of the Holy Quran


A unique exhibition of the Holy Quran, inaugurated by ex-curator and scholar Nasim Akhtar, was recently held at the National Museum in Delhi and will run till 31st March.

The exhibition showcased scriptures of various calligraphic styles which had been inscribed in different eras. According to the Director-General, the exhibition is aimed at explaining the emergence and proliferation of different styles of calligraphy and scripts.

13 unique and unseen copies of the Holy Quran will be presented at the National Museum. Some of the copies of Holy Quran inscribed in various calligraphic designs include Kufic, Raihan, Naskh, Bihari and Thulth.

"The Bihari script is an Indian contribution to the world. Due to its stylistic appearance, this Quran occupies a rare position in history," noted Mani, who is also the Vice Chancellor of the National Museum Institute of the History of Art, Conservation and Museology.

The exhibition is part of a series of the show, The Reserves, that are held at the National Museum in which reserved collections are displayed for a fortnight. The aim of the project is to introduce and attract enthusiasts at significant pieces of history and their revival.