14 at-risk heritage sites shortlisted for the 7 MOST ENDANGERED LIST 2020

Castle Jezeří, Horní Jiřetín
Castle Jezeří, Horní Jiřetín

The 7 Most Endangered programme, launched in January 2013, is a civil society campaign to save Europe's endangered heritage. While not providing direct funding, it raises awareness, prepares independent assessments, proposes feasible action plans to mobilise public and private support. It is organised by Europa Nostra, the Voice of Cultural Heritage in Europe, and the European Investment Bank Institute. The programme is supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

Y-block, Government Quarter, Oslo
Y-block, Government Quarter, Oslo

14 European heritage sites shortlisted for the 7 Most Endangered programme 2020:

  1. National Theatre of Albania, Tirana, ALBANIA
  2. Karas - Traditional Wine Vessels, ARMENIA
  3. Khoranashat Monastery, Tavush Region, ARMENIA
  4. Castle Jezeří, Horní Jiřetín, CZECH REPUBLIC
  5. Tapiola Swimming Hall, Espoo, FINLAND
  6. Castle of Sammezzano, Tuscany, ITALY
  7. Archaeological Park of Sybaris, ITALY
  8. Ivicke House, Wassenaar, THE NETHERLANDS
  9. Y-block, Government Quarter, Oslo, NORWAY
  10. Szombierki Power Plant, Bytom, POLAND
  11. Belgrade Fortress and its surrounding, SERBIA
  12. Plečnik Stadium, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
  13. Cuatro Caminos Metro Depot, Madrid, SPAIN
  14. Egyptian Halls, Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM
Egyptian Halls, Glasgow
Egyptian Halls, Glasgow

Nominations were submitted by civil society or public bodies which form part of Europa Nostra's network of member and associate organisations from all over Europe. An advisory panel, composed of 15 international experts, selected the most endangered heritage sites on the basis of their historic and cultural value and the urgency of the threat they are facing. It also takes into account the community engagement, the commitment of public and private stakeholders, the long-term sustainability and the socio-economic potential of the site.

The final list of 7 most endangered heritage sites in Europe will be announced in March 2020. 

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